segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2016

The nice weather in São Paulo

Now I am living in Brazil, São Paulo.
Nobody seems to comment this, but SP has a very good weather.
I mean, usually it is not very hot and it is not very cold.
During the day in summer it can be quite hot, but differently from
the Japanese summer, at night it becomes much cooler.The mornings are also cool.
usually people stress the bad parts of São Paulo, but it has this wonderful
aspect: the very pleasant weather almost the whole year.
When we moved to SP from Japan my son would ask me
when was the weather getting really cold? June came, July and August
passed and the little coldness was definitely gone n September. Only to get
hotter and hotter. But never as hot as in Japan.
And of course there are no typhoons, hurricanes or cyclones. Neither
earthquakes, volcanos or tsunamis.
I was born here and i love this city.